Bigg Boss 10: Crack in Manu, Manveer and Mona’s friendship?

Manveer and Monalisa get into a fight over throwing a test tube bearing Gaurav’s name. Manveer and Mona have always shared a close relationship. However, tonight will be the first time when viewers will see a crack in their friendship as Mona refuses to empty Gaurav’s test tube. Mona chooses to support Manu in the task because Gaurav has Manu’s test tube and Mona feels that if she empties Gaurav’s test tube, he may in turn throw away Manu’s.

This leads to an ugly argument between Monalisa and Manveer.Manveer shouts on top of his voice on Mona and Manu doesn’t like it. He interrupts Manveer and tells him to mind his tone while he talks to Mona. The Bhojpuri actress, who couldn’t control rude behaviour ends up shedding tears.


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